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>I would also point out for those who want to test the veracity
>of Reed's account of his role at Yale, or just to engage a very
>interesting book, that a section of Gerry Watts' dissertation on
>African-American intellectuals has been published by University
of >North Carolina Press -- it is entitled Heroism and the Black
>Intellectual: Ralph Ellison, Politics and Afro-American
>Intellectual Life.

This is the crappy book to which I alluded in my previous post on
Reed.  Indeed, check it out..  If this is what got published, I
can only imagine how bad the rest of the dissertation must be.

>I recommend going back, reading the piece in the Village Voice,
>and checking out the characterization of every prominent
>African-American left intellectual, from Gates to West, in it.
>There is not a single word of criticism of their ideas contained

What makes Gates a _left_ intellectual?  Perhaps his highly public
pronouncements on black laziness?  His puff piece on Colon Powell
in the NEW YORKER?  These characters deserved those ad hominem
attacks, although I must point out that Robin Kelley is not a
Superfriend, even though he lamely defends them as well as himself
in his rebuttal letter to the editor.  Kelley really is much more
of a marxist than the rest of the others combined, though he is
beginning to be intellectually corrupted by Cultural Studies, as
evidenced in his horrible essay on Malcolm X's zoot suit culture,
so aptly ridiculed by Reed.

There are some fundamental flaws in Reed's presentation.  I
enjoyed the shtick even though i didn't buy into it completely.
Reed, with a bit more intellectual discipline and deeper
intellectual analysis, could have written a much more effective
indictment than he did.  But I don't think his resentment of the
Superfriends is simply a matter of jealousy.  In this society
intelligent people are always being passed up for clowns doing
circus tricks.  It is a very painful thing to be a high-quality
black intellect in this society: you get screwed by everybody --
your family, your people, and by white people whose appreciation
of things black is based on the shit they love to sniff and eat.
It's not just jealousy, it's indignation at the way things work.
Before Casey and his buddies on this list whine any more, perhaps
they should pause to contemplate and atone for their own sins in
reinforcing the worst elements in the Afro-American milieu.  Kenny
Mostern, Professor P-Funkster, are you there?

>Paul Gilroy's _The Black Atlantic_

This is an epoch-making work.  I would criticize only Gilroy's
caricatures of Marxism (perhaps stimulated by the hostility of
Callinicos and co.?) and his excessive tolerance for the academic
p.c. crowd.  Cornel should read this book.  At least he would then
know something about Richard Wright.

>to call our opponents pricks and to talk about their lack of

Learn how to read, mon ami.  Farrakhan and the po'k-chop preachers
and Marion Crackhead-pussy-junky-turned-to-God-and-kente-cloth
Barry were the ones worshipping the sacred patriarchal Testicle,
not me.  If Cornel is going to join the scrotal congregation, then
he deserves to be judged in testicular terms as well, which is
what I did.  Wonder what Michael Lerner thinks of his partner's
getting into bed with anti-Semites.

>he uncritically continues to use the problematic notion of

Leo, you ignorant slut.  Your reactionary anti-scientific attitude
is what's wrong with cluless, soft-putzed, clitless left
intellectuals these days.

>Western science, far from being external and opposed to racism,
>the development of Western science has been inextricably involved
>with racism.

"Western science" has also been inextricably involved with
anti-racism and has continually exposed its pseudoscientific
basis.  Leo, you discredit yourself with each word you type.
Science is only reason and is not culturally delimited in the

>(This analysis is only one part of a growing understanding of the
>way in which science itself is socially formed and constructed.)

I used to follow this research quite assiduously.  It is a
decidely mixed bag.  Some of it is the the same old same old
nihilistic philosophical relativism smuggled in under the guise of
empirical research.

Leo, you are as intellectually corrupt as the mediocrities you
support.  For shame.  You make me ill.  Now I return into

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