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I read, with the ususal delay, the posts by James Miller and Steve Keen.
I absolutely agree with marxism, that is in this case, Miller. And I have
nothing to add to his writing.
But I got furious in reading the stuff from Keen:
>I see your reply as utopian. Allowing for Louis's recent
>arguments that what occurred in the USSR was not planning
>as it should be, I cannot help but see your comments above
>as being devoid of any appreciation for what happened in
>the 20th Century.

Mauro jr:
What happened in the 20th century of so astonishing? It happened that a
victorious (in first) proletarian revolution has been defeated in the late
'20s without the marxist parties of the Third International recognized it;
thus it happened that not only the proletariat but also its so-called
vanguards have been historically defeated. Attention, pease: not the
historical programme for the emancipation of the working class, but the
formal organisations of the working class remained crushed under the ruins
of the first proletarian attempt. The state-capitalism was beeing built
while it was declared as socialism; the proletarian dictatorship has been
crushed in its own name and substituted by "party-dictatorship" which was
the rule of the red bourgeoisie, hidden in the apparatus of the State. And
almost all the "marxist" clapped the hands along the decays
for such a socialism. It happened that inside the class as in the
universities, in the popular mind as in the brain of the intellectuals, the
official marxism has been the Stalin-Zdhanov ideology. It happened that in
the name of such a "marxism" such marxists lined up in the second
imperialist war in a front of the war, supporting the dreadful (absolutely
anti-marxist)mystification of the war of democracy and freedom against the
fascism. Strange history, that one of the 20th century for them: the wars
have had material, economical bases until 1939; afterwards no; afterwards
the Usa and the UK, and the USSR, fought a war for the ideals, for the
principles. Shame.
And when that model of capitalism smuggled as socialism collapsed, the
correspondent marxism collapsed as well.
Thus in the 20th century happend that the intellectuals as Steve Keen
abandoned that "marxism" going around searching for some new ideologies.
Have good luck!
May I take the liberty of answering to the question put to James Miller.
Steve wrote:
> if you
>want to be taken seriously as we approach the 21st,
>you had better have a sound analysis as to how these
>things might feasibly be done.

Mauro jr:
"these things" can be done through the same process stated by the two first
Congresses of the International and the first two Congresses of the PC of I.
The attack by the working class to the capitalist establishment;
the taking of political power and the establishment of the proletarian
dictatorship (workers council dictatorship)as the condition for
the dismantling of the capitalistic mode of production.
If in the early '900 this dismantling could be a quite difficult and long
process, nowadays would be far easier and faster, thanks to the capitalist
"globalisation" and the technical revolution. Mind: in the metropolitan
civil life the paper-money is going to disappear, for it is substituted by
the plastic-money (Bankomat, Credit cards) which certifies that the holder
owns sufficient money in some bank (no matter where) for paying the sum. How
much easier for the councils-state to have the precise control over the
labor and the certificates for collecting the goods... It's sufficient to
change some software and some phisical links in the systems of the present
Who has no imagination enough for <how these things might feasibly be done>
has no knoledge of the revolutionary programme at all. On the other hand,
what can we expect from guys who grown in the myth that Russia was socialist
and the second world war was just?
Mauro Junior
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