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Tue Oct 31 14:37:15 MST 1995

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Really smooooth, MIM, just change the subject, but I'll go along with
> it this time, because the rest of your post I find not worth while to
> address.
> You still don't get it.  _I_ am responsible for the state of the
> list?  You give me far too much credit for immense and sweeping
> powers.  I'm a member of the list, and I can say or not say anything
> I like, and let the consequences follow, just like everybody else

Pat for MIM replies: So you can dish it out, but you can't take it?
Don't try to escape the hypocritical consequences
of your actions by hiding behind your official role or
conscious lack therof. Read my
post; I criticized your role as either moderator OR "a person."

You criticized an alleged attack on personal motivations by
myself and did so as a person. You did not do so with numerous
other more clear-cut nonsense on the List. That's hypocrisy
whether the List is moderated or not.

Your echoing of the other dogs
baying at the Moon with "I'm not talking to you anymore" baby talk
also makes me question your commitment to science, so I'm not
surprised you're not interested in what I'm selling--the LTV. The fact
that you find Chris S. and Keen so enlightening, while you attack
the rest while working with Spoons and its apparent anarchist
pretensions adds fuel to my suspicions. That you like Ralph Dumain's
misanthropic Young Hegelianism also fits together. A "million
morons" indeed. What business does a MARXIST have
calling any million people "morons"? This List should be
divided into young.hegelians.criticize.marxism,
and then fools.still.want.marxism to which I would belong
with some others. It seems pretty pointless for
idealists to come to this list, uphold other obviously
non-Marxist folks and then become indignant with the
the true-believers and not "speak to them anymore."
I could certainly understand the response if I were on a
economics.after.sraffa group.

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