Matt D., Depraved Despiser of the Disabled!

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Tue Oct 31 22:48:45 MST 1995


I have replied at some length to Jim and I will attemtp the same for you.  I
stand by what I said and it seems to have angered you
both.  In a way I am sorry about that but if you chill out yourself and
think about it for a while I suspect that you will think I was not that

I do apoligise for not writing to your personally, but your efforts werre
public and now this is private.

I really do not want to go into this in any detail because it is simply
too much for me most of the time.  but your remarks did trigger me off
and  your reply was hardly better.
Jim's post reveals a great ignorance of mental illness and your's is
about the same level.  All I am asking is that the Left should begin to
seriously consider the rights of the most despised section of our
society.  and your clowning and joking and Jim's ignorance merely serve
to make my point.


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