Getting away with murder

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Wed Oct 4 07:11:44 MDT 1995

I might as well put in my two cents too...

I think the defense did a good job at raising some significant doubts in 
the minds of people with regard to the prosecution case.  I don't know 
how I would've voted -- ultimately -- given the importance of "beyond a 
reasonable doubt." 

But paaaaaaahlease.  In my heart of hearts, OJ killed these people.  The 
DNA is all over the place, and in places where it shouldn't be.  If 
somebody else did it, where are the hair fibers and DNA blood evidence 
implicating that somebody else?  He's a wife-beating murderer, in my 
book, and he's lucky this wasn't a civil trial, where the preponderence 
of the evidence would've convicted him.

Regarding LAPD-- you don't have to convince me that they are a bunch of 
racists or that they commit all sorts of misdeeds.  But I just don't see 
how a bunch of "bumbling" Keystone Kops, who have been blamed for more 
sloppiness and unprofessionalism, could have possibly mounted such a 
widespread, integrated, well-thought out conspiracy among 
God-knows-how-many players in such a short period of time.  

OJ is now going to devote his time to finding the real killers.  Maybe if 
he just goes to a good shrink, he'll finally be able to look himself in 
the mirror -- if not for the killings, then at the very least, for the 
years of violence he perpetuated against women.  

- Chris
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