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Robert Peter Burns rburns at
Wed Oct 4 17:22:32 MDT 1995

It seems I was mistaken in attributing a certain line
of reasoning to the jurors.  Nevertheless, I'd like
an answer to my question, how come Park who was waiting
from 10.22 to after 11pm apparently never saw, noticed
or heard the Bronco returning from Bundy? <Which it
had to have done during this interval of time if the
prosecution timeline is correct.>

My puzzlement is stimulated by the following from the LA
Times of 3 October, page A12:

	Park did not recall seeing Simpson's Ford Bronco
	parked outside at the time, nor did he see it when
	he pulled the nose of the stretch limousine into
	the Rockingham Avenue driveway, then pulled back
	and turned around.  The Bronco was later found
	parked *just a few feet away from the driveway*.
	In fact, Park recalled seeing a number on the curb
	near where the Bronco was later found...

Was the spot where the Bronco was found easily vvisible
from the spot where Park was waiting?  If so, would he
not have heard or seen it pull up and park?

Any private answers appreciated

Peter Burns 
rburns at

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