The Commodification of Justice -- And Other Questions

Scott Marshall Scott at
Wed Oct 4 17:11:00 MDT 1995

>To Scott: You implied that there was a "silver lining" behind the 
>verdict, i.e. the exposure of the LAPD and the police in general. 
>Perhaps, but it is of small comfort to the families of Nicole and Ron.


High profile media attention certainly has distorting power. The families of
Nicole and Ron join the tens of thousands of people who have family members
victimized every year in this country. Most, unlike Nicole and Ron, are poor
and working class and disproportionatly Black, Brown and other oppressed
minorities. How many are victims of police crime and violence? How many
innocents are jailed and worse by the fabrication and planting of evidence
by the 'gangs in Blue?' Mumia is a small tip of a very large iceberg. To the
degree that the racist, anti-working class corruption of the LAPD and the
so-called criminal justice system is exposed is indeed a good thing.

A rich man got away with a crime and that's bad, but not nearly as bad as
the crimes that the corporations get away with. I don't like pious moral
'one-up-manship.' I feel for all victims and the Goldman and Brown families
in particular at this time. But I do think we have to keep a class sense of

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