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Thu Oct 5 04:59:30 MDT 1995

THAMI wrote:

> Nonsense! THE VERDICT exposes one fundamental fact
> , namely, the duality of societal consciounsness.  One  denoting capitalist
> values (that is, the so-called White response) and the other reflecting,
> the communal response (or Ujamma) or African-American experience.  In
> any protracted struggle the latter is bound to prevail.

NONSENSE! What about duality concerning gender? Do you remember the Tyson 
case? Do  you remember the reaction to the charges against Michael 
Jackson ("child abuse")? Do you remember the Clarence Thomas hearings?

Why is it that so many in the African-American community were willing to 
believe Tyson, Jackson, Thomas,  OJ, ad nauseum?


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