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Thu Oct 5 16:31:07 MDT 1995

"Nonsense! THE VERDICT exposes one fundamental fact
, namely, the duality of societal consciounsness.  One  denoting capitalist
values (that is, the so-called White response) and the other reflecting,
the communal response (or Ujamma) or African-American experience.  In
any protracted struggle the latter is bound to prevail."

thami says.

I don't get it ... (I'm addressing this response to everyone cause its
illustrative of stuff interesting) call yourself a marxist but get
caught up in this quibble about racism.   Either capital is evil ... in which
case its treatment of races is simply functional and never remains
consistantly aligned with one particular race ALWAYS. Take, for
example, the 1922 strick in South Africa whereby the state/monopoly
control center smashed white Afrikaner resistence to wage controls and
the infiltration of black workers into jobs previously reserved for them, 
Not only african worker resistence grew under apartheid but white as
Anyway, I'm out of line here. but not as much as you.  
Your response is so typical of the posturing rich successful black
american man who can get away with rape (not of course in Tyson's
case, but you won't find a more true hero to the oppressed black am.
man), sexual harrassment and now murder.  Just say its a racist
consipiracy and circulate a little moola around to the right folks... Now, if
you are really concerned about racism I would be careful in this situation
for claiming alliance to the poor african-american worker in the us.
because O.J. was not a poor african american worker but a rich dude
who did commercials running through airports... there is no one poor and
oppressed by capitalist here, so your reference to two opposing forces:
one white and capitalist, and the other black and communal is just stupid. 

So, what about the O.J. trial.  Its about the african american man
murdering a woman - I think his ex was probalby his prime target - ( a
white woman in this case ), and then turning around and saying the
death of this woman is secondary to the greast white conspracy against
my macho, african american, poor, oppressed self.... .  No, O.J. is not
about capitalist vs communal black folks, or white vs. black in the usa,...
Its about women vs. men and the acceptance of violence against women
so much so that our society is able channel forces which distort the
features of the tradegy until everyone thinks its about oppressed african
americans instead of about a rich, capitalist african american man who
spent 10 years beating up  his wife then decided to kill her ... 

Laura Ebert

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