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   This is a worthwhile discussion. I'll chip in
a few points.
   I think the jury did the right thing. The
evidence was tainted. It seems to me that the
jurors must have been enraged by the Fuhrman
tapes. They must have come the the conclusion
that there was a reasonable doubt as to Simpson's
guilt as a result of the overwhelming evidence of
racism, brutality, arrogance, deceit and stupidity
on the part of the Los Angeles Police Department.
   It's not a question of racial bias on the part
of the jurors. You don't have to be Black to hate
the cops, particularly when they let it all hang
out in front of you the way Fuhrman did.
   One of the jurors, Anise Ascherback, said the
jury voted for acquittal, "because of Mark
   Perhaps Simpson was guilty in life if not in
the courtroom. I don't know. But the jury was
right in not letting the LAPD get away with their
criminal misdeeds, in the courtroom or in the
streets. They should be made to pay for their
crimes against Black people, young people and
working people in general. They are the enemy
of humanity and should be treated as such.
   As far as Simpson's high-priced legal team
is concerned, all this did was enable him to
get a fair trial. A fair trial is inaccessible
to all but a handful of millionaires. But still,
a fair trial is a good thing if you can afford
it. Every defendant should get a fair trial.
   It was only because Simpson was so well
represented that all the crimes and bungling
of the LAPD came into the courtroom. If you are
poor, all that stuff gets ruled out of order,
and your cut-rate attorney can't say anything
about it.
   As far as Simpson's brutality towards Nicole
Simpson is concerned, that is a matter of
record. But he was not on trial for those prior
incidents, so you can't argue that he should be
found guilty of murder because of them.
   It is still possible that someone else
committed the murders, but if so, the LAPD would
be the last people who would know or care
anything about it.
   The standard procedure for the cops and
prosecutors is to select the most likely
defendant, or someone they don't like, and
proceed to frame the person up. Whether the
defendant actually committed the crime, they
don't really care. Even when they have caught
the guilty person, they lie in court, tamper
with evidence, etc. They can't help themselves.
They are thugs, and they can't stop being thugs.
   The jury did the right thing. They took a
stand against the racist, brutal enemy of

Jim Miller

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