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Fri Oct 6 07:53:36 MDT 1995

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> 8) anyway as one juror has already said she "knew in her heart" he was
> innocent from the beginning.  Just like the Simi Valleyites knew in their
> hearts that Black men deserve what they get and the Thin Blue Line defends
> them from the jungle.  So did evidence really matter  in this trial?
More profundity from TimW33521: There's white prejudice in America and 
there's black prejudice; if we could figure out a way to eliminate all 
this prejudice, America would be a better place to live. Just goes to 
show you what happens when you retreat from class. Tim, when you threw 
out all of your old pamphlets from the Workers League to make room for 
Michael Harrington and Bogdan Denitch, you should have left a little room 
on the shelves for some Marx and Engels. I know you hate Lenin, but M&E 
are still useful.

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