OJ: "Facts are stupid things."

John R. Ernst ernst at pipeline.com
Fri Oct 6 13:39:17 MDT 1995

I posted the questions below to the newsgroup indicated.  So far, no
response.  Note 
that most in the group are convinced Simpson is guilty.     
Groups: alt.law-enforcement 
Subject: Evidence of OJ's Guilt 
Organization: The Pipeline 
There are many on this list convinced of OJ's Guilt.  From them, I request
an answer to a simple question;  "What is the time line?"  Let's assume he
did it.  I will not argue the point.  I only want to know what are the
various times involved. 
a.  When were the victims killed?  
b.  When did the "ear" witness hear the killings going down? 
c.  When did OJ hit Kato's wall? 
d.  When did OJ take a shower? 
e. When did Park first see OJ?    
f. How long does it take to get from Rockingham to Bundy? 
I know that "facts may be stupid things" , but it would seem these basic
questions would have to be answered clearly by anyone convinced of
Simpson's guilt. 
John R. Ernst 

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