Reconstruction of JSP

Adam Rose adam at
Mon Oct 9 02:49:01 MDT 1995

> On September 21, Social Democratic Party of Japan
> decided to dissolve herself and form a new democratic
> liberal party untill the end of October.

Could you explain why they want to do this ?

Many communist parties in Western Europe have renamed themselves 
in the last few years, partly in order to distance themselves
from Stalinism but also to get away from class politics.

In the UK the Labour Party is trying to relaunch itself as "New
Labour" , which is part of a massive shift to the right.

> In the temporal
> party conference on that day, delegates from 24 districts
> proposed an altanative proposition but it was defeated
> by 108 to 250.
> Soon after the conference, japanese major newspapers
> reported that establishing a new party could be postponed
> because of less support even from right side.
> However, sooner or later this old socialist party, with which
> I still fall in love, would die.
> Many left members (inc. me) have begun to move to re-
> construct a new socialist party. 

What sort of party would this new socialist party be ?

Would it be a Marxist party ?
Would it believe in reform or in revolution ?

Adam Rose

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