Japanese Heterodox Economics

Eric Nilsson enilsson at wiley.csusb.edu
Mon Oct 9 01:44:03 MDT 1995


PKT (csf.colorado.edu/econ) now has a link to a web
site intended for Japanese heterodox economists.

This is the home page of Hironori Tohyama at Shizuoka 
University in Japan:
The link is found toward the bottom of the pkt page.

Currently, this web site is only 10% in English (the rest are characters that, 
when read by the proper software, becomes Japanese characters).

Hironori might be revising this web site so that it becomes more of
a link between Japanese heterodox economists and heterodox
economists elsewhere in the world.

You might check it out now and also in a month or so when Hironori
might have added more material to it.



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