Alex Trotter uburoi at panix.com
Mon Oct 9 23:47:18 MDT 1995

Well, I don't know much about the specific conditions of Tanzania, but it 
does seem that there is an affinity between the concept of *ujaama* and 
the *mir* that the Russian populists cherished. Progressivist marxists 
sneer at the possibility of communism arising out of pre-industrial 
communities, but, in reference to Russia, it was Marx himself who 
entertained just such a scenario for regions outside western Europe and 
other outposts of advanced capitalism. But just as bureaucratic, 
totalitarian, and capitalistic regimes have hijacked the name of 
communism, could not something similar happen with a government that 
claims to rule in the name of the principles of peasant community? Did 
not Nyerere preside over a party apparatus that was, at least in part, 
indebted to the leninist model? 
	One more thought about this: the persistence of pre-industrial 
societies demonstrates that capital is still far from having established 
real domination throughout the planet, even merely over the production 
process. Marxist movements in those countries would, it seems, by 
promoting modernization, propel them increasingly from the formal to the 
real domination of capital. But given the power of imperialism and fully 
developed capitalism in the metropoles, it may be that revolts in less 
developed countries will inevitably fail until industrial civilization 
starts to collapse in its heartland.


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