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              - Reactions to O.J. Simpson Trial: -
   - A Case Study of Criminal Mentality of U.S. Population -

        Q: What do you think about the O.J. Simpson trial? 
        LYNDON LAROUCHE: Well, it's an interesting phenomenon. First
of all, there are three things which should never be televised. A
friend of mine and I were discussing this the other day. One, is
the human sex act; second, is the manufacture of frankfurters or
sausages; and the third, is a criminal trial. 
        What we've had over the airwaves and television screens
during the past months, is one of the {worst abominations} in
legal history: the turning of a criminal trial involving a
prominent African-American athlete, or former athlete, as the
case may be, into the central figure of a Roman circus, in which
Judge Ito played the role of the circus ringmaster, and the
Turner broadcasting system supplied the lions. 
        At the culmination of the trial, quite rightly, I believe,
the jury returned a verdict of not guilty, within a rather short
period of time. 
        However, many people around the country are now {screaming}:
they're screaming for the scalp of the victim, that is, O.J.
Simpson. Because they believe, that after sitting so long in
their seats at this Roman circus, waiting for the lions to begin
to eat the Christian, they were {cheated} of the final orgy of
the spectacle. Just like fans at a fistfight, a professional
boxing match, who scream for their money back, because the boxers
didn't produce enough blood on the canvas. 
        So what we have, is a travesty in the system of justice, the
trial itself. We have a travesty perpetrated by a news media
which is out of control, an entertainment media out of control.
Ted Turner might sue for the fact that he's lost the income from
the reruns or something of the O.J. Simpson soap opera. We have
the behavior by many of the U.S. public, treating a {serious
criminal trial} like the degenerate spectators in the Emperor
Nero's or Diocletian's Roman arena, in which human beings were
thrown as victims, either to gladiators or to wild animals. 
        And I must say, that some of our citizens on television last
night, in their televised reactions to the verdict, showed
themselves to be behaving like wild animals. 

        Q: There seems to be a great deal of discussion of reforming
or so-called reform of the judicial system. Do you think that the
``beyond a reasonable doubt'' standard will come under fire? 
        LYNDON LAROUCHE: Oh, of course it will. It already {is}
under fire--when you have people demanding the execution of a
person whom the evidence shows to be wrongly indicted as well as
convicted, and then people scream, ``we will not be cheated of
our execution,'' clinging to the pretext that the new evidence
which exonerated or tended to exonerate the convict had been
delivered after the 21-day limit for submitting new evidence
after a trial in a crime of which the accused is probably
innocent, or the evidence would strongly suggest that. The
unwillingness to hear the evidence which might show, probably,
that a man sentenced to death had been innocent of the crime for
which he was accused, in the Commonwealth of Virginia and
elsewhere, that's where the reform is needed. 
        You have to reform the citizens who show such immorality as
to demand executions of people within time limits, lest new
evidence prove the convicted person was innocent. They do not
wish to be cheated of their Roman arena victim. And the problem
here, correlates with the increase of the prison population in
the United States, which is due to many reasons. 
        But the criminal justice system today, by virtue of the
prison population increase, is shown simply by that fact, either
to be the most corrupt in the world, or that the American people
are the most criminal in the world, {or} a combination of both.
And I think many of the people who have not yet been convicted,
have shown themselves to be participants in that increase in
criminality. For surely, someone's demanding that a person who
might be innocent be executed quickly, lest evidence free him;
those persons are already criminal. They have a criminal intent,
to see a human being die in a {grand guignol} for the sake of
their desire for sordid entertainment. 


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