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Tue Oct 10 01:21:12 MDT 1995

This passage (copied below) from Theories of Surplus Value (vol unknown)
was quoted in Sydney Coontz's Productive Labor and Effective Demand; my
request for help is double: where is the passage to be found, and does
anyone know of theoretical work which has developed the reason given here
for the impossibility of simple reproduction.

"If the total capital employed in the machine-building industry were even
only large enough to replace the annual wear and tear of machinery, it
would produce more machinery than it required each year, since in part the
wear and tear ins conventional and in reality only has to be replaced *in
natura* after a certain period ofyears....In order that this capital should
continue in motion an dmerely reproduce itself continuously each year, a
continuous new extention of the indsutry which uses these machines is
required....Here therefore, even *if this sphere of production the capital
invested in it is only reproduced* continuous accumulation in other spheres
of production is necessary."


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