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Tue Oct 10 20:27:35 MDT 1995

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> And, let's face one other ingredient:  both men were probably guilty!  (see
> Scott Mclemee's excellent piece on Mumia in the recent In These Times).

	Since I can no longer afford to read ITT, I'd like to hear just 
what proof there is supporting this, in synopsis.

	Publications like ITT, Mother Jones, The Nation, etc., frankly,
have bugged my ass for a LONG time by often running less-than-class-conscious
`analysis' of events.  I even remember Soviet rags drifting sharply to 
the right during the `Gorbachev Era' -- so I wonder if this mightn't be 
the icing on the cake of proving the political emasculation of such 
`left-lib' magazines...

	Just how factual are these `facts' -- or are they just part and
parcel of the O.J. `backlash'?? 

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