Stalin, Mao, idealism and voluntarism

Chris Burford cburford at
Wed Oct 11 07:42:08 MDT 1995

The Chinese Party had not only a different way of addressing the same 
problem as the Soviet Party (revolution in a relatively backward country
with 80% of the population or more, peasants).

The Chinese Party had a number of profound differences of course on policy
and ideology. Their public criticisms of Stalin were muted because
of the way they saw the line up of Anti-Revisionist and Revisionist 
positions in the International Communist Movement.

But where documents can be gleaned, their criticisms of Stalin are most

Why do we have no serious scholars of this question on this "academic"
internet list? 

Can it really be that no crypto-marxist academics have seen the business 
opportunity of getting funding for their departments based on the 
importance of what is going to happen in China?

Chris B., London.

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