Stalin, Mao, idealism and voluntarism

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Wed Oct 11 02:47:36 MDT 1995

> Pat for MIM replies: We take responsibility for that [Stalin's] error. 
  Mao did too. <snip> 
  ... we who prefer action over dogma are stuck with Stalin. <snip>
> It's that simple. We prefer to take responsibility for Stalin's
> mistakes than responsibility for the status quo left unchanged
> by his critics. The status quo is everywhere far bloodier than
> Stalin's mistakes were. <snip>

Do you have any idea of the meaning of what you have written? You have 
taken *responsibility* for the murder of *MILLIONS* of peasants, workers, 
intellectuals, nationalists, and revolutionaries! Furthermore, you have 
the audacity to refer to that simply as Stalin's "error." Pat -- you are 
a very scary person.
> Hello! Stalin died in 1953! That's not a joke! The people who took
> power right after him criticized him and the Soviet Union went
> down the toilet. 

One of the reasons why Maoism should not be taken seriously by 
revolutionaries today.  


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