Longshore dispute support

Scott Marshall ksm at wwa.com
Wed Oct 11 09:12:20 MDT 1995


Forgive me for the ommission and I'll forgive you for jumping to 
conclusions. I resent exactly what was sent to me by a comrade in England 
in a private e-mail. Neither he nor I have any interest in 'channeling' 
any support or credit. No reason you should give me the benefit of the 
doubt though, you don't even know me and it's always best to prejudge eh.
You should know that rednet, which is simply a communications system did 
help get the word out to several papers around the world which will help 
to build solidarity for the workers and I've sent them all an adendum 
with Greg's address. BTW the comrade who sent me the message is in close 
contact and works with Greg. I would have asked you first before I went 
public with such a accusation - no matter how 'nicely' put. I think I 
have a reputation on this list of being open and direct with folks.


On Wed, 11 Oct 1995, Chris Bailey wrote:

> I am happy to see Scott Marshall publicising the Merseyside Dockers'
> dispute on the Marxism list. It certainly needs maximum international
> support. However, I do feel I have to point out a tiny omission he has
> made from the original message. The message he put on the list was
> originally on union-d, the European labour list, and Labor-L, the
> Canadian based international labour list. It was then put into
> LaborNet by myself as facilitator for labr.uk. I think this is
> probably where Scott got it from. In every case the message included
> the email address of Greg Coyne, the author of the appeal, at the end.
> Greg is a TUC lecturer in the Merseyside area. He is the main
> instigator and organiser of union-d and is in close contact with the
> trade union organisations of the Merseyside dockers.
> Having once been a long serving member of a sect myself I am very
> familiar with the technique of channelling broad support for a genuine
> labour dispute via your own narrow grouping. I do hope this is not
> what Scott intended, but would point out that his omission would have
> the effect of directing support via himself and Rednet.
> Greg Coyne's email address is gcoyne at cix.compulink.co.uk
> Chris Bailey
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