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In the "Translators' Preface" to the Eden and Cedar Paul
translation of _Capital_, they state:

"Chary though Marx is of definitions, he does define a good many
terms.  Such terms have usually been italicized where the
definition occurs, and a list of them will be found under the
caption "Definitions" in the Index."

Unfortunately, my copy of the Paul translation (Everyman's
Library, 1930) doesn't *have* an Index.  I suppose it was omitted
to make room either for G. D. H. Cole's introduction or Ernest
Rhys' little plug for the series which appears at the back of
each volume.  If anyone has access to an indexed edition of this
translation, it might make a good starting point for the glossary

Just skimming, I come to the following at the beginning of
Chapter Five:

"The use of labour power, is *labour*. The buyer of labour power
consumes it by setting the seller of labour power to work.
Thereby the latter becomes what he was before potentially, labour
power in action, a *worker.*"

>From this we can extract:

"*Labor:* the use of labor power"

"*Worker:* One who lives by the sale of labor power; labor power
in action."

and by extension:

"*Working class:* That body of individuals and families who
derive their living from the sale of labor power."

Perhap these definitions need a little reworking, but such a
search through _Capital_ might give us quite a bit of what we
need for the glossary.

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