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> >Pat for MIM replies: We take responsibility for that error. Mao did
> >too. For that matter it is very little known but Stalin himself
> >said he killed too many people and after World War II, he said
> >some peoples in some countries would not have been so generous as to
> >let him continue his rule.
> Leo for himself (what a novel idea!) says:
> As long as we are trading little known facts about the scruples and regrets
> of mass murderers, I have heard some interesting commentary attributed to
> Jeffry Dahmer.
> PS: Exactly when do we reach these magical level when "too many" have been
> killed? After one million? Two million? Five million? Since the Maoists were
> able to calculate that Stalin was 60% correct (60% of the murdered deserved
> their fate?) this little exercise in quantification shouldn't be too hard.

Pat for MIM replies: The question is not one of "magical" intellectual
formulas. The question is one of relative practices. If I were to pick a
magical intellectual formula, I would end up with Kant and pacifism, and
Jazz and those who read our journal on anarchism can attest that we give
our due respects to such people as principled, but in the end we prefer a
calculus of the real world, and not deferred pleasure in the Kingdom of
God through moralism. 

If 10 million die a year, then 1 million a year is a cheap price
to pay for the end of the 10 million deaths. When one chooses a hospital
or a drug to fight AIDS, one does the same thing: judge the track record.

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