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Tue Oct 10 21:19:50 MDT 1995

JOSEPHH at bullwinkle (is Rocky in Australia too?) wrote:

> The schemas of simple and expanded reproduction and indeed all the 
> analysis developed in Volume 2 are the most interesting part of 
> Marx's economic writings, Volume 1 being too much under Ricardo's 
> spell. 
I share your regard for Volume 2 of _Capital_ and believe it is easily 
the most neglected and misunderstood of the 3 volumes. 

a) what about volume 3?
b) if you think that Volume 1 was too much "under Ricardo's spell", I 
think you need to re-read that volume and what Marx wrote about Ricardo 
in _TSV_.
c) why is there no mention of the level of analysis in Vol. 2 (Capitalist 
Circulation) and its relationship to Vol. 1 (Capitalist Production) and 
Volume 3 (Capitalist Production as a Whole)?


PS: ... and let's not forget the _Grundrisse_ either.

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