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The left press is not perfect but its all we got.  So I particularly
recommend The Nation and ITT.

The evidence against Mumia:

(1) Witnesses who claim to see him shoot the officer (Faiulkner) in the back;
Faulkner returned fire; then Mumia stood over the officer and fired several

(2) Other witnesses claimed he admitted as much in the hospital.

(3) Defense points out the police have no record of this confession.

(4) However in 1982 Mumia testified in court that he might have made
incriminating statements at the time, but claimed it was only in duress.

(5) Defense idea of a "third man" showing up in the middle of all this and
firing the fatal shot is a bit far fetched.  (Maybe the same guy turn up a
decade and a half later, bought himself a pair of gloves to match O.J.'s,
bumped off Nicole and Goldman, and disappeared once again, perhaps on his way
to Arizona to catch an Amtrak train).

The evidence against Mumia is weaker than that against O.J. (no DNA in those

But the real points are: a) that it is possible to condemn racism, to attack
the methods of police departments, without at the same time defending murder;
b) Mumia, who if he killed had a reason to do so, still faces execution,
while media star Multi-millionaire O.J., who if he killed carried out an
indefensible dastardly act, goes free!

By the way it is interesting that O.J. chickened out of a TV interview at the
last moment today.  Would an innocent man miss such an opportunity to regain
public support?

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