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Thu Oct 12 12:56:35 MDT 1995

Steve Keen asked me in a post weeks back, about the market response to 
the biodiversity problem.  I'm not an expert in this area, but I know of 
a few references which some might check out:

Stephen R. Edwards, "Conserving Biodiversity:  Resources for Our Future," 
TRUE STATE OF THE PLANET, ed., Ronald Bailey.

Jan Narveson, "Resources and Environmental Policy," PHILSOPHIC EXCHANGE 
1993-94, published by Center for Philosophic Exchange, SUNY at Brockport, 

	Also, I was struck by a recent cover story on "Siberia" in TIME 
magazine, showing that if we have legitimate worries about market 
solutions to environmental problems, the non-market record with such 
problems is far more devastating.  The destruction of biodiversity in 
Siberia by Soviet authorities who created a vast toxic waste dump of 
nuclear materials and sulfur deposits is well documented.  There's got to 
be a better way.

					- Chris
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