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Sun Oct 15 13:23:20 MDT 1995

This message is addressed to the American left.  (By American I
mean the USA, just in case the p.c. crowd doesn't have enough
trivia to whine about already.)  There is no reason to drag
foreigners into our filthy mess.  After all, they tend to their
own problems while we waste our time worrying over Bosnia or Cuba.
I have heard not one word of intelligent commentary on the
greatest defeat for progressive forces in our time, the Million
Moron March about to take place here in Washington.  For all its
shortcomings, the 1963 March on Washington was a march for
integration, to change public policy and social direction.  It was
a message of hope and progress.  That March brought most groups
together, black and white, Jew and Gentile, male and female.
There was no segregation of male from female, black from white,
Jew from Gentile.  As I write a van careens down my street blaring
the voice of Louis Farrakhan.  Dr. King's memory has been sullied
and desecrated, and not one of you dimwitted assholes has a thing
to say about it.

This fascist obscenity reminds me of a play I saw back in Buffalo,
which us unsophisticated folk loved: Ionesco's Rhinoceros, which
symbolized the fascist hysteria that steamrolled over society,
destroying the individual human consciousness of everyone in it.
Here the force seems to be irresistible.   Those who have not
given into this madness have no effective voice.  The
self-deception, ignorance, helplessness, passivity, and political
bankruptcy that this ridiculous gesture symbolizes is impervious
to rational criticism.  I know one or two black people who refuse
to endorse or participate in this mess, but even the most
otherwise sane and intelligent people have given in.  Most
disgraceful of all is the capitulation of the women.  I have never
been especially an enthusiast for feminism until now.  It is
excruciatingly obvious that the Afro-American community needs a
strong dose of feminism, because it is shamefully backward, so
backward that otherwise intelligent black women have bought into
the big lie behind this march.  This is not the start of something
new, but the last gasp of the dead and dying black patriarchy, the
snake oil preachers and the rocking chair civil rights leaders who
don't know what to do, and the intellectual opportunists and
mediocrities like Cornel West who hop on the bandwagon because
they too lack the testicles they will worship on the Mall tomorrow
to stand up for any principles.  Tomorrow will be a day of infamy
that will echo down through the centuries of American history.

America's racial problem lies at the heart of its entire class
structure and political system.  If there is no rational program
that can engender any unified progressive program or policy, then
the progressive movement is doomed.  This march represents a
decisive breaking point, a point of despair, the absolutization of
the racial divide that will send this society to its doom.  This
is a monumental defeat for the left.  Now have you got something
to say?

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