LA riot

Alex Trotter uburoi at
Sun Oct 15 23:01:24 MDT 1995

My response to the responses to my post on the LA riot:

To Louis: I've already been on an anarchism list. My friends and I caused 
quite a ruckus there. We were too anarchic for the anarchists. Apparently 
I'm too anarchic for the marxists as well. I'm touched by your choleric, 
hysterical fit. You've got me in stitches. Take it easy. I don't want to 
be blamed for your heart attack. But I will *not* apologize for the 
remark about the SWP bookstore.

To Ralph: The reason for attacking Beverly Hills is not because it's 
white, but because it's rich. I would be in favor of the rioters burning 
down O.J. Simpson's house too, if that makes you feel better (c'mon, 
admit it--it does). My comments were not meant to glorify blood 'n' guts; 
what makes you think they were? If the rioters had had the political 
consciousness to attack Beverly Hills, they would also presumably have 
had the political consciousness to avoid random thuggery and blind 
vengeance against people like Reginald Denny. But by p.c. I don't mean 
rebellion conducted through the directives of a leninoid general staff. 
(You would agree with that, I'm sure.) Under better circumstances than 
those in 1992, small groups of insurgents acting spontaneously could be 
quite creative and effective. Hell, they might even build workers' 
councils. But even in the best scenario, there would be violence and 
chaos. Nice gentlemen like you and me might indeed get hurt if we got in 
the way when the real prisoners of starvation arise.

Now, as for those million men: maybe if they spent more time acquainting 
themselves with Fourier, Stirner, and Marx rather than listening to Louis 
Farrakhan, the world would be a much better place.

For the nouveau monde amoureux,


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