Ayn Rand

Joshua Mercer joshua.mercer at stu.hillsdale.edu
Mon Oct 16 20:43:34 MDT 1995

                      Ayn Rand
My left-wing friend introduced me to this list because the list of
discussion topics included my favorite philosopher Ayn Rand.  I've been
monitoring the debate for some time and seen no discussion of Rand and
would like to open the floor.  I am an admirer of Rand and will be
ready to defend her atheism, unfettered laissez-faire capitalism,
absolutism of reason, and ethics of rational self-interest.  Since I am
by no means an authority on Rand's works, I'll let her novels _Atlas
Shrugged_ and _The Fountainhead_ speak for themselves.  There is a
moderated debate of Objectivism, her philosophy, available at:
objectivism-request at vix.com 

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