Mis-led Males March to penis-worship service

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Mon Oct 16 13:56:14 MDT 1995

>To expand upon Margaret Sanger's slogan, I'll have _no_ master, no
>god, no man, no woman, no race, no Farrakhan, no, no, no. 

Lisa, wasn't Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, a eugenicist?
Along with the great American economist Irving Fisher and others.  I'll
have to get Allan Chase's The Legacy of Malthus out.  But I am pretty sure
that I am right about this one.  In fact, I think at least one book has
just been written on Sanger's reactionary goals.    

>As for the Gilder crap, some of it [based on the posted quotes] is
>down-right unintelligible, approaching gibberish.  Entirely

Again, I emphasize it is Gilder's influence, not his theoretical acumen,
which makes him important to deal with--indeed he now edits a supplement to
Forbes magazine: ASAP.   There is a great article on Gilder--Spencer Pack,
"Schumpeter plus optimism equals Gilder", History of Political Economy, vol
19:3, pp. 469-480.  I had written a seminar paper on this topic before I
discovered this paper. I think that Pack's short paper could be expanded
here and there, but it makes a good point about why Gilder should be taken


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