Farrakhan's Folly matched by WWorld Worship

Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at email.state.ut.us
Mon Oct 16 19:27:24 MDT 1995

------------------- RALPH follows --------------------
Ralph says:  You tolerant white liberals and radicals who consistently support
any black criminal who comes forth as a black spokesman, I hold you
responsible.  You dumb-ass suburbanite filthy hippies built up Eldridge Cleaver
in the 60s and you will take in any old black piece of shit scraped off the
pavement instead of exercising judgment and discipline.  Pacifica radio will
never get a dime out of me for its subsidy of two-faced nationalist mediocrities
who keep one face to the left and one to the nationalist mystics.  Fuck you and
your so-called activism.

Lisa says:  I do not have any objection to this.  I think he's got a damn good
point, which is well illustrated by that idiotic article that I have already
digested, ejected and flushed.  I don't take it as a slam against me, for instance
[or _every_ left/white] because I am _not_ one who supports any influential
black, _not_ one of those addressed by his post, quoted above.  If the shoe
doesn't fit, no problem.  I mean, I hope I'm not the only other one here
repulsed by the Workers World / Larry Holmes position.

The orangutan reference was too cryptic for me [please don't anyone feel
obligated to explain it to me], but most of his other angry references [drivel,
sidelines, psychopathic] were to that amazingly stupid article, on which I agree
entirely.  It seems to me that Ralph is not claiming special knowledge _because
he is [possibly] black_ or anything else, it is the kow-towing and kissing up to
screwy Louie F. just because he is an influential _black_ person, who claims to
be a "black leader", to the point of supporting a totally right-wing asshole, just
_because he is black_! that is the problem.

That WW crap is enough to give a "black" eye to leftishness in general,
especially if there are not other lefters debunking, repudiating and offering a
better analysis.  Any sufficiently educated [i.e. understanding/experienced in
certain issues] person considering the left, who read that article and thought
that it represented the whole left, should throw it down in visceral revulsion,
and never give anything "left" a look again or a second thought again.

I want to be neither deciding policies and positions on and for others without
even talking to them, nor slavishly supporting anything "black" that sticks its
head up [up anywhere, either head] and achieves some notoriety.

Ralph has mentioned this issue before [a little more gently perhaps] and I see
some of this Million dupes debate as superb evidence: some people don't seem
to be able to get around color in order to think about issues.  We are still
bearing a crippling baggage of fear, inexperience and I'm not sure what all
exactly.  I know that there are some settings in which I might be afraid to
express my view out loud, for fear of verbal assault, disapproval and
accusation.  I know some people would blast me for having an opinion because
I'm white, so I can't know anything about "black" issues.  (But that is bullshit
and it is _not_ the way I read Ralph.)  Unless in serious threat of bodily harm,
however, I would probably go ahead and speak out anyway.  

I have encountered some similar fear of thought regarding "black" issues in a
non-left setting among my white co-workers.  Because they knew that my
domestic partner is black, they were nervous and uncomfortable about saying
anything, but I could tell that the very fact of blackness loomed so large in
their awareness that they couldn't think of anything else to talk about with me
for a while.  They were nearly all friendly but curious and wanting to ask

(co-worker: Well, um, uh, what's it like, being with a black person?  me: I
guess it's kind of like being with ... a person.  co-worker: No, no, I mean in the
way that others treat you, do you get harassed?  me: Sometimes store clerks
look really nervous when we walk in the door, and sometimes people like you
ask me questions like this, that's about it so far.)  

And they seemed to assume that I supported everything that appears or claims
to be "black".  Wrong!  Neither EJ nor I are such uncritical, chauvinist dolts.  I
know I've got plenty to learn about "black" issues and many other things, but
turning off my brain is not likely to help.

I've got a few things to say about the reactions to the Simpson trial/verdict etc,
but it will have to wait.

Lisa Rogers

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