Left Racism vs MILLION Man MARCH

Jorge A. Diaz jadF91 at newhamp.hampshire.edu
Tue Oct 17 10:43:24 MDT 1995

>What rock did Ralph Dumain crawl out from under?  This racist creep
>should take his Nazi garbage--"the organgutans continue to
>regurgitate and consume their own vomit" is his idea of "Marxist"
>polemic against Farakhan and the Nation of Islam--and peddle it out
>in Idaho with the Gestapo wanabees.
>Even worse, he's not an isolated example of the racist attacks on the
>march coming from this "Marxist" list and other left lists. We've
>been treated to the "Million Moron March," "Afrocentric Testosterone"
>and "penis worshippers," and on and on...
>While this shit is just sick, the less hysterical commentary from the
>left isn't much better.  I'll take my stand with all those Black men
>who rallied in DC today any time against the bankrupt, pitiful
>oppostion the left has expressed to this fundamentally progressive
>and historical blow against racism and oppression.
>The Million Man March had two highly focused targets. 1) Gingrich and
>the so-called GOP "Contract on America" revolution externally, and 2)
>the anti-social, anti-woman, anti-family,  self-destructive and self-defeating
>activity of aportion of Black men.  The marchers saw both as interconnected
>and that a blow on each front is needed to make progress on either front.
>The main force of the hundreds of thousands mobilized was comprised
>of the Black working class, poor, and unemployed.
>The left as it exists today seems to be completely incapable of understanding
>this event, let alone leading it or offering any realistic alternative.
>Too many of my comrades have been so crippled by either a white
>blindspot or a tunnel-vision feminsim that they can't relate to a
>million Black men rallying as men to criticize themselves for mistreating
>women and thus holding back their ability to contribute to the
>overall struggle of their community.  The left seems to have lost
>sight of the fact that most people are mobilized to fight mainly by
>an appeal to their moral values and fundamental sense of human
>solidarity and decency.  That's what I saw being affirmed in DC, and
>the garbage spewed out it opposition to it on this list would
>probably make Farakhan's narrow nationalist diatribes seem rather
>tame by comparison.   Carl Davidson, Chicago.
>> >But . . . the Farrakhan March is not a radical protest. It is very
>The orangutans continue to regurgitate and consume their own
>>There cannot be a criticism ruthless enough of this March.
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In all honestly, it is the poverty of understandig by this kind of Left
that repels the Black working class from listening to "commie bastards"
whose heron Stalin was no better, no different than the Great Hitler
himself. Apparently, Hitler has nothing on some of you guys on this list.
In fact, I agree with the criticism of the Left offered by c.davidson here.
I believe that when you compare the rhetoric of Farakkhan to the racism,
and social-Darwinism of the authors of "A Million Foll March" "Afrocentric
Testosterone" and "Penis Worshippers", it is quite obvious why the Left has
failed to gain the broad based support that the Nation of Islam has been
able to attract as became evident in the March. Surprisingly, the criticism
offered by the Left is of the same racist nature, and of the same
misinoformed intellectual poverty as the "bourgeoisie" media. Perhaps the
coinciding criticism areva result of these two sides' jealousy and fear of
an organized people out of the control of either bourgeisie or Leftists.
And then Marxists have the audacity to speak across the nation, across the
many nationalities and races of the working class promising a "dictatorship
of the proletariat". Sure, we may all remain proletariats the end of class
differences but as I long ago suspected of your movement, it will continue
to perpetuate the ideology of racism that it has learned from and accused
the bourgeosie  of creating as a tool of class division. Thanks, but no
thanks if your revolution is no different than what we now have in trms of
racial discrimination. Oh, but I forgot, that is rooted in a pre-comunist
economy, socialism is the end of it. As the "vanguards" and carriers of
communist ideology you have not shown to be ahead of your time, grounded in
a world with different social relations. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll look

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