1, 2, 3, many LA riots...

Jorge A. Diaz jadF91 at newhamp.hampshire.edu
Tue Oct 17 14:31:49 MDT 1995

>>By all means come all you wish, and condemn
>>those who are trying to change their livs for the
>>better if that is how you think that change will
>>come about.
> As long as the march excludes the women,
>condemnation is my reaction. Is this totally
>unreasonable to you?
>Thanks for answering,

That is entirely reasonable, but at the same time let's not kid ourselves
here. From what I have seen in this list within th past few months, nat
many women seem to be included here whether in terms of them replying or in
terms of the issues we discuss. In fact, I would like to hear from women
and se what they think is the reaction by women, Black women who were
"excluded" from the march. I believe it is fair to argue that more woman
were in the march, though they weren't supposed to be there, in suport, in
defense, and in order to be informed about what they may be criticizing
later than are women included on this value-free Marxist list. I think we
should look at our ow behavior here as "Marxists" of all varieties an
analyze why the fuck women don't seem to be interested in the issues going
on here. That sounds reasonable.

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