Million Men March

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Tue Oct 17 10:11:17 MDT 1995

To all:

The discussion so far regarding the MMM has focused on Farrakhan's anti- 
semitism/homophobia/racism, and on the "conservative" political message 
presented at the march.

While agreeing with the above, I find it surprising that people in this 
list have not mentioned the fact that the march also indicates that the 
African-American community is finally mobilizing in order to present 
their agenda to the nation. If the expectations for increased political 
involvement by Blacks are realized, this would provide a great 
opportunity for the left to present a progressive program tailored to

the needs of this community. IMO Blacks wanting to get involved (due to 
the message of this march) will be most receptive to the message from the 

   Regarding Farrakhan, people who claim that he has somehow "tainted" 
this march overlook the following: assuming that he means exactly what he 
says (hate towards Whites and Jews, homophobia, etc.), does he has the 
MEANS to CARRY OUT such an agenda? Black are only 13% of the US 
population, ant the NOI is only a small fraction of that. Even if ALL 
Blacks support him(an impossibility), the African-American community 
lacks the numerical, economical or political strength to oppress anybody. 
Besides, I remember many people in this list talking not too long ago 
about reaching out to the White fascists and militias and thinking of 
them as potential recruits for the left because these individuals too 
were fed-up with the current system. What's wrong with applying the same 
logic to the marchers, even to the NOI itself?

     We MUST seize to opportunity presented by this moment in time; while 
not perfect, this march and its message open a whole new avenue for the 
advancement of the causes of progress, equality and 


Francisco J. Gonzalez

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