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On 16 Oct 1995, Joshua Mercer wrote:

>                       Ayn Rand
> My left-wing friend introduced me to this list because the list of
> discussion topics included my favorite philosopher Ayn Rand.  I've been
> monitoring the debate for some time and seen no discussion of Rand and
> would like to open the floor.  I am an admirer of Rand and will be
> ready to defend her atheism, unfettered laissez-faire capitalism,
> absolutism of reason, and ethics of rational self-interest.  Since I am
> by no means an authority on Rand's works, I'll let her novels _Atlas
> Shrugged_ and _The Fountainhead_ speak for themselves.  There is a
> moderated debate of Objectivism, her philosophy, available at:
> objectivism-request at vix.com 
Dear Sir/Madam;

	Ms Rand is dead.

	Her "philosophy" was still-born.

	While mildly entertaining her "work" has done nothing to help 
anyone understand history, or capitalism, or anything else for that matter.

	Inspite of Ms. Rands romantic illusions about the "freedom" of
capitalism, the reality is that it is developing into the most totalitarian,
monopolistic, inefficient, bureacratic regime that would make any "Stalinist"
	Capitalism created the state that Ms. Rand so loathed. It needs it
to help enslave the masses of people who are not allowed to have ANY say in
the economic/social/technical  goals of ANYTHING. It will defend the nation
state at all costs. Capitalism is undemocratic, because it is the only way
that a small minority of people can hold on to power.
	Finally, Ms. Rand's ideas have had almost no influence on anything
at all, particularly economics or politics. This is because her ideas are
developed with out any regard for the existing reality.

	The "self made man" of Ayn Rand's "dream", died with the death of
the entreupeneur, strangled by capitalisms own internal contradictions, and
it's rotting vine of totalitarian monopoly. The individual is capitalisms
first casualty.

			toolmaker :)

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