Rand's influnce

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Tue Oct 17 23:15:53 MDT 1995

                      Re> Rand's influnce
toolmaker :) wrote:

>Ms. Rand's ideas have had almost no influence on anything 
>at all, particularly economics or politics.

In 1991, the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club ran a
survey of the books that most impact people's life.  Second behind the
Bible was Ayn Rand's _Atlas Shrugged_.  Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan was
associated with Rand in the 60's (he's since changed his philosophy). 
House Approriations Chairman Robert Livingston listed _Atlas Shrugged_
as the book that most influenced his politics beliefs.

Chris Sciabarra wrote:

>we have pretty much exhausted the subject 
>of Ayn Rand over here, at least for now... and after all, it IS a
>board, and I'm not sure how Objectivists would feel about Marxists 
>invading their territory to discuss the falling rate of profit or the 
>labor theory of value, as Doug suggests.

Agreed.  This IS essentially a marxist list.  I will continue my
subscription so that I can hear some controversial opinions, but I
doubt I'll engage in much posting.  A person on the post in forwarding
posted e-mails from this list about her.  I think I'll save everyone
further time.  

I am still interested, however, in finding a Marxist publication that
is free.  Doug Henwood said that he receives Imprimis (a "conservative"
publication).  If anyone else wishes to receive Imprimis FREE you can
write via snail mail at: Imprimis, Hillsdale College, 33 E. College
St., Hillsdale  MI  49242.

You can also subscribe via the world wide web at the following URL:



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