Left Racism vs MILLION Man MARCH

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Tue Oct 17 23:44:47 MDT 1995

Mr. Carl Davidson:

  You reproduce one line from my posts on this topic, collapse it with
Dumain's and then ignore every single argument which I made.  

I showed that Farrakhan was mouthing the right-wing agenda of the Manhattan
Institute (George Gilder). I showed that he was repeating the Moynihan
thesis, which by the way had quasi-genocidal implications.  For it claimed
that Black men could achieve the discipline they needed--and the lack of
which was the source  of the pathologies in the Black community--by
enlisting in an army in desperate need of troops during the Vietnam War. 

 I showed that Farrakhan was at best representing the interests of a
petit-bourgeois class. I argued that it was too simple to see Farrakhan as
merely the organic outgrowth of the black community as he has been built by
negative media attention and the use of a recruitment army often made up of
lumpen criminals.  You ignored every single argument I made.  And so did
every other irrational and contemptuous fool who claimed that leftism
criticism of this march was without merit.  

I personally don't think Black men have anything to atone for.  I don't
think they have to confess their sins on the steps of Congress.  I don't
think they suffer from unique moral deficiencies which are the legacy of
slavery: I don't think this is a correct explanation for their economic
oppression--do you, Mr. Davidson.    I don't think Black women should be
told to rely on their men, instead of demanding opportunity for their full
and equal development as human beings.  

Now you claim this: 

>The Million Man March had two highly focused targets. 1) Gingrich and 
>the so-called GOP "Contract on America" revolution externally, and 2) 
>the anti-social, anti-woman, anti-family,  self-destructive and self-defeating
>activity of aportion of Black men.  The marchers saw both as interconnected
>and that a blow on each front is needed to make progress on either front. 
>The main force of the hundreds of thousands mobilized was comprised 
>of the Black working class, poor, and unemployed.

 Mr. Davidson, you are a liar.  Where was the criticism of the Contract on
America? As for Black men's self-destructiveness, Farrakhan's understanding
is every white racist's understanding of the sources of the problems in the
Black community, that they are all the result of internal moral deficiency.
 It is true that Rep. Rangel at the March and Julian Bond on Nightline
afterwards implicitly criticized Farrakhan's anti-Black racism--that is,
the argument that Black men's own deficiencies are at the root of the

I encourage you to carry on this debate thorugh careful attention to the

Rakesh Bhandari

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