women/and the million marchers

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Tue Oct 17 20:53:47 MDT 1995

This is in reply to Otto.

Firstly, maybe there are more women readers out there who don't post as 
often as the men.  I know I read all the digests because I am interested 
in the issues and concerns of Marxism, but because I don't feel like I 
*know* as much as other people seem to, I guess I don't often state my views.

I'm really interested in Marxist critiques of conventional poststructural 
theory, btw.  If anyone could post some useful references I'd be 
grateful.  I have read the Syracuse type stuff, with Zavarzedeh and 
Morton and the feminsts like Ebert and Henessey and find them extremely 
useful in their analyses.

On the March of  Million.  To me, it seems ridiculous to mobilize one of 
the most oppressed groups in American and ask them to make attonement for 
the things they have failed to do regarding family, nation and 
community.  Surely these failures are the failure of the Capitalist 
system.  And doesn't such a viewpoint and image, that Black men have 
committed all these heionous crimes simply back up the panic-ed view of 
White America regarding the crime stats etc.

And as for making it a men only thing.  Who are the only group more 
oppressed than Black men?  Black women?  Now, more so.  Rev. Farrakhan 
continues to perpetrate the view that, like small children, women need to 
be defended and cared for in the face of a disintergrating society.

If there are crises and moral panics, they are produced by material 
conditions, not racial differences.  The million should have indeed 
protested, not attoned.  

Jane Gregg
[Dept of American Studies, University of Canterbury, New Zealand]

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