left-racism? not at all

jones/bhandari djones at uclink.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 18 06:27:25 MDT 1995

>You don't seem to have read one substantive word that Ralph, Rakesh or I have
>posted.  If you would prefer a place where everyone already agrees with you,
>and shares your unspoken definition of "racism",  please  feel  free.
Note Lisa that Carl's and Jorge's criticism  has been entirely based on
quotation of the (rather obnoxious) titles of posts.  Nothing inside them
has been discussed at all.  

By the way, Margaret Sanger began as a rather decent social reformer and
then ended up proposing an actual plan for eugenics, which Alan Chase
suggests is a forerunner of William Shockley's proposals of the early
1970s.  Sanger's shift to Galtonianism happened in the 1920s at which time
she began to strategize about how to lessen the reproduction of the unfit
and increase that of the fit.  Her interest was no longer to ensure that
women had *access* to contraception and legal abortions. To what extent she
supported forced sterilizations and other totalitarian restrictions on the
lives of poor women--I don't know.  There is obviously much more to this
story.  I will check into it. 


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