Left Racism vs MILLION Man MARCH

jones/bhandari djones at uclink.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 18 15:34:39 MDT 1995

>From Mr. Robert Perrone: 

>  I support what 
>brothers Davidson and Proyect have already posted.  

Proyect is quoting from Trotsky on the aborted Russian Revolution of 1905
and Davidson has been answered.  This message is meaningless.  What do you
support about what Davidson or Proyect said; which one of the actual
criticisms given do you think beneath yourself to even answer.  No one is
taking a vote here; we are trying to have a rational discussion about
Farrakhan and the politics of Black leadership in general. 

People are not even making an effort to answer the actual arguments Dumain
has actually advanced, much less mine.  While you have failed to specify
what is racist about what Dumain  has posted, you have not proven all
arguments against this March are so.   

What is it that you thought Black men had to confess to on the steps of
Congress, Robert?  What role do you think African-American women should
have in our society?  


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