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Tom Condit tomcondit at
Wed Oct 18 04:22:04 MDT 1995

List members in the U.S.:

My friend and comrade Dave Wald has asked me to publicize a
project he's working on.

The government of Cuba has received a grant to create a master
medical database for the national health system.  They need more
computers and modems to use as terminals, etc.  Nothing is too
low-tech for this job, so if you're planning to upgrade your
computer or modem, or you have an old one you've been sitting on
because it's still useful but you haven't been able to find
someone who has a use for it, please contact:

dwald at

These computers and modems will be shipped in late December as
part of the next break-the-blockade effort.

I don't know if there are related efforts in other countries.

Tom Condit
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