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At 2:55 AM 10/19/95, Tom Condit wrote:

>1. Stock ownership in U.S.
>I'm bringing a 1987 leaflet up to date.  We have in it the
>statement: "The richest 1% of the population owns over 70% of all
>the stock in U.S. corporations."  Clearly the "over" keeps it
>truthful, but I wonder if anyone has an exact figure for 1995--
>I'm assuming it has only gone up.

Dunno where that 70% comes from. The Fed's 1989 Survey of Consumer
Finances, the definitive picture of wealth in America, reported that the
top 1/2% owned 37.8% of the stock held by individuals; the next 1/2%,
11.6%; the next 9%, 36.0% - giving the top 10% 85.4% of the total. Only
about half of all stock is held by individuals, however, with the rest in
the hands of institutions. Allocating those holdings (pensions, insurance,
etc.) it a logical nightmare.

The Fed is still sitting on the 1992 data, so that's the most recent set of
numbers available.

>2. Rents and the Consumer Price Index

You can check out the rental sub-indexes of the CPI at the Bureau of Labor
Statistics web site, <>. Search for "rent" or "rental" or
"renters" or something like that.



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