Left Racism vs MILLION Man MARCH

Robert Perrone perrone1 at igc.apc.org
Thu Oct 19 04:33:13 MDT 1995

Regarding Davidson's remarks, I support his analysis of the focus of 
the MMM.  I believe the event was objectively aimed at policies that 
have and will continue to undermin the African American community, 
policies supported by both political parties; and subjectively, the 
event was an affirmation by the African American men who attended 
that they will not tolerate attacks on their families, on Black 
women, regardless of the source of those attacks.  I believe the 
event trancended the personality of any of the so-called organizers 
of the event.  In my post, I seconded Davidson's characterization of 
Dumain's attacks as "racist."  To refer to the rank and file 
participants of the event as "morons," etc. is racist.
Regarding Proyect's remarks, I believe my post seconded his prodding 
remarks that Dumain get more involved in some mass movements.  My own 
experiences confirm that the contradictions we confront in mass 
movements can cause us to loose our bearings, if our understanding of those 
is not thoroughly grounded in social practice.
I have no illusions about LF.  I too am affronted by the desire to 
exclude women from the event, albeit a desire which was not realized, 
since from what I have heard, many women did participate.  I am not 
arguing that those who opposed the MMM are racist, only that Dumain's 
characterizations are racist.  I do not believe that Black men need 
to confess anything, nor do I recall seeing any reports of Black men 
confessing anything at the event itself.
I do not have any specific thoughts on the role of African American 
women in our society, only because I do not believe they have any 
different role than men.  To delineate their role would be to give 
the impression that I would restrict them to what I have delineated.
I hope these comments are viewed in the spirit in which I offer them. 
My problem with Dumain is that he appears to be unable to distinguish 
friends from enemies.
Stop the legal lynching of Mumia Abu-Jamal!

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