Left Racism vs MILLION Man MARCH

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Thu Oct 19 13:28:52 MDT 1995

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995, jones/bhandari wrote:

> In short,  whatever Chavis' politics were, he has now agreed to refract
> them through Farrakhan, who is a race-conscious fascist (perhaps you don't
> agree that this point has been sufficiently well-established).
> Louis, I am interested in hearing your thoughts about Farrakhan, his
> message, the greater validity which it now has, and what you think its
> impact will be.
Louis: Well, everybody, I think it is just the right time to launch that 
cyberseminar on fascism. "Fascism" is one of the most overused and 
overabused words on the left and it is time we arrived at a more precise 
and scientific definition of the phenomenon. I saved the suggestions 
folks made for reading and I will circulate them in a day or two.

Once that seminar is done, I propose a seminar on the topic of 
nationalism. This is something else that the list has knocked around a 
lot but I believe we are all much too fuzzy about.

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