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Thu Oct 19 14:29:17 MDT 1995

The SWP lamented in their paper that the fire which consumed their
capitalist authoritarian propaganda outlet was sparked by irresponsible
lumpens who, without the guard and guidance of a goateed, kaffiya-ed
sandalista white-boy van, were confused about who the class enemy really
was... However, they were obviously spot-on. Next time out, we'll get the
local "Revolution" (snicker) Books-store. Cretinous red fascists always
entertain themselves by fantasizing Walter-Mitty style about their rapport
with the "working class"; and their instinctive understanding of the
motives and "morals" thereof- glaringly evidencing their complete lack of
same.  No surprise. Such clowns are always clueless about what we want,
and when confronted by those of us who point that out to them, are quick
to label us "fascists" or class-bait us when we're articulate enough to
point out their hypocritical shortcomings (after all, we're supposed to be
stupid and illiterate and in need of direction by "professional
revolutionaries"- our stupidity would ensure that theirs would go
unnoticed and would preserve their pipe-dreams of intellectual
superiority) It isn't so much the 'burbs we're after as the universities,
"cultural workers" (manufacturers of the spectacle's circus of alienated
desire), cops, and other specialists in the ideology of capital, whether
of the State (red) or Consumer (democratic) varieties. These targets include 
most of the people on this list, I'd wager.

The clowns in the 'burbs are often more victimized than we- after all,
they've been fooled/bought in the most (aside from those of us who've been
raped into believing that the 'burban lifestyle is the goody, and spend
time clawing for same). Regardless, those suckered by consumer capital's
ideology of glittering plenty aren't likely to be suckered by state
capital's ideology of austere scarcity. We hate disneyland, but we won't
see the world run like the post office by a bunch of moralizing jack-ass
Leninist bureaucrats instead. We'd rather burn their bookstores. 


OH- the Jillion Jerk Jog- not a surprise that it would be lauded by
moronic white liberals- after all, they'll take shit from any person more
pigmented than they out of their overwhelming feeling of guilt. Well-
after all, those who feel guilty usually are. These idiots (again,
probably many of the people on this list) will actually *pay people* to
defame them and insult them, call it "dialogue" and then come back for
more. The repugnant racism of that scumbag fed-bankrolled piece of shit
Farrakhan- regardless of what the "moderate" black racists say- entirely
set the timbre and tone of the event. The self-abusive, "radical"  scions
of the american whitey bourgeoisie couldn't dig it more. Black "radicals"
better watch out- they may yet *make* as many white racists as they like
to fantasize (and self-hating whiteys tell them) are out there.  Blacks,
like everyone else (and seemingly, sometimes *more* than anyone else)
learn most of what they know from TV. "White" black politics are at
present at a level concurrent with the crass commercialism and idiotic
herd-ism purveyed by the spectacular media that whites like to call "black
culture" (some blacks buy into this too- never mind that "black culture" 
is largely concocted by whites). That's cause, like in the white
"community" (gag) the black "vanguard" has an equal amount of contempt for
its target audience (the egalitarianism of authoritarian ideology!
Whoopee!). Meanwhile, the blacks who see through the bullshit are
ridiculed by their would-be "leaders" as self-hating Toms and scorned by
white liberals for not seeking "empowerment" by taking part in the
never-ending circle of self-abuse and ridiculous reconciliation that
they've orchestrated (unlike those *in* it, we without any realize that 
*power* is the *problem*. Contrary to your fantasies, we *don't want* to 
be like you.). Hell, white liberals and "radicals" might just have
to give up on such uncompliant elements of the Black "working class" just
as they did the White long ago... after all, that working class *just
won't look out for it's own interests*... they *just don't know what's
good for themselves*, and if they won't *obey* (er, *listen*) they must be
chucked into history's dustbin (or ignored, their existence denied) like
their "reactionary" white brethren. Never mind. There aren't so many of us
clued in that you won't manage to find the occasional black to hang around
your bookstores and boss you around, so most of you guys on this list
shouldn't worry. You'll still be able to find Toms (or just con men) who
buy into your bullshit radicalism to hang around on campus with you to try
and intimidate pussy white students, tell you about real "oppression" (so
you can jerk-off on the net telling everyone else about it), and screw
your girlfriends; the new wondrous dialogue of the "Million Moron March"
or no (your bleats about the wonders of "black unity" won't acually bring
to life your fears that blacks won't need guilty "radical" whites to
provide themselves for abuse). Meanwhile, we in the working class, the
ones who don't buy into your ossified ideological fantasies and artificial
seperation of us into nonexistant categories like "race", we, black and
white, will continue to get along while we pour your concrete and fix your
houses and make fun of you whilst you plot your own downfall and endlessly
babble about how we hate each other.  Our advice is this- don't worry so
much about plotting your own extinction. We're working on it for you while
you treat us like children and condescendingly think of ways to make our
lives better for us 'cause you instinctively know you're made them
miserable with your self-infatuated consumptive worship of alienation and
it's million attendant ideologies... you think you ought to satisfy us
before we jump up and stomp you. Too late. The ideologies you slurp up and
tell yourself are "making a difference" and are "going to change the
world"  are by their very nature inherently opposed to our vision of
freedom. We'll know we've changed the world when you clowns no longer get
to sit around and commodify, publish, and hold conferences on our very
real situation. 

Don't worry, I know I'm "full of shit", am "reactionary" probably even a 
"fascist" or a "racist" 'cause your lies are so transparent. Don't bother 
telling me. 

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