Keen/Ernst Discussion(To Marshall)

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at
Thu Oct 19 16:05:48 MDT 1995

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995, John R. Ernst wrote:

> I do not think what you suggest works.  Horsepower, these 
> days, refers to a certain mesure of power.  That is, we say 
> that such and such an engine has 200 hp.  Meaning the  
> engine can do the work of 200 "standard" horses, in terms 
> of pulling weight, etc.

	Exactly.  It can do Work at a certain rate.

> Labor power does work that it considerably 
> more varied.

	Of course.  I'm not confusing LP with HP -- I'm trying to compare
them (however tenuous the connection...)

>  Labor power is the capacity to labor; indeed, as Marx 
> got his act together his terminology changed from "capacity to labor" 
> to labor power.   The distinction between labor and labor power  
> may seem trivial but try reading Adam Smith if want examples of 
> how confused the matter was pre-Marx. 

	Well, I'm not confusing HP and Work either...

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