Left Racism vs MILLION Man MARCH

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Fri Oct 20 01:13:00 MDT 1995

The post from "Francisco" was the same one sent earlier.  Without a reply
to my criticism. I agree with Francisco that the Nation of Islam is not
going to take over the country.  While that is doubtless a relief for most
every active member on this list, that does not mean the Nation is not
dangerous to African-Americans.  

By the way, I spoke at length to someone who attended the March today.  She
(yes, she, you can guess why she went with her husband) said that many,
many people were disappointed with the program that Farrakhan had
offerered.    Many were ready to do more.  At the same, she feared that
vicious sexism and homophobia had been sanctioned and agreed that the
Nation was a thuggish force within the community, by which people are
clearly intimidated. 

She and her husband have never understood that my opposition to grotesque
ethnic scapegoating is as much because of how it strains my own relations
with people as it is because of how that scapegoating leads to a  programme
of Black enterprise which is retrograde from the position of the working
class.  There are of course reasons why they don't (want to) understand

Now in his elaborate,  two-post, two-sentence reply Robert Perrone coughs
up a slogan and some skeptcism.

He reminds us to "support the struggle of African Americans for self
determination in all of its aspects." All its aspects?  Including the
creation of Black Belt bantustan (something the NOI has historically
supported)?  The replacement of bloodsuckers with Black businessmen (who
will survive of course on the superexploitation of the few Blacks they
hire--have you ever bought a bean pie and fish sandwich, Robert? Ask the
workers about their benefits and pay)? 

For "the right" to remain ghettoized (perhaps with an improved park and
basketball court) and not to participate in, say, a multiethnic union?  Or
the right for demagogic black leadership to impose its agenda on the
community (creationism,  Afrocentric King history and Free Mason
conspiracies in the schools, for example)? Or pehaps the right to model
their own justice system on the Saudi constitution (as the Islamic Minister
has suggested in public speeches)?

You see, Robert, your slogans will not get us very far. What are the
interests of African-Americans unified as a group, anwyay?  Is there a
Black agenda?  What is it?  Is it possible that whatever that agenda of
self-determination may turn out to be (set-aside programs and redistricting
and proportional representation, for example), it will actually harm 
African-Americans as members of the proletariat class?  

Still uncovinced that the Nation of Islam will support reaction--and
perhaps ignornant of its past-- Robert snipes: "Please tell me where you
obtained your crystal ball."  OK Robert,  in what direction do you think it
is moving?  What does Farrakhan have to say for you to finally break ranks?
You must know that most of what I said Farrakhan will do he is already on
the record as supporting.  

You are obviously not bothered enough by his call for men to take control
of community and family, as women are domesticated and oppressed.  For some
reason, you don't think this position is implicit support for all the
policy attacks on women's economic independence.  George Gilder has already
figured this out, and no one wants to be dumber than George.  

I can only assume that you are not gay, Robert; otherwise, you would know
that you are being set up for a vicious attack as Farrakhan talks about 
god-sanctioned family values.  

Perhaps Robert you should also think through the policy implications of
Farrakhan attributing African-American poverty to moral deficiencies
resulting from slavery.  What will come from that, you tell me.   

You seem unfazed by his attacks on bloodsuckers, perhaps you are hoping for
a real war to the death between Koreans and Blacks in the inner-city as
corporate America retreats to the hills.  That will be fun to watch on the
television-- won't it, Robert?

And given that Farrakhan has clearly argued that Black men's
self-destruction and moral failures are the root cause of economic failure,
 how do you think he plans on instilling the discipline?   

We know how James Q Wilson and the Manhattan Institute types plan on
instilling this discipline. That's right--bootcamps and workhouses.  And we
also know that George Gilder is very fond of Farrakhan.

And there is a history to the NOI, sabotaging the integrationists and the
Black Panther Party.  But you know this, I am sure; I guess you are just an
incorrigible optimist.  

Best regards,


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