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Subject: Marx and Free Fpeech

I am a new subs**iber to this list and I am writing to ask if anyone 
out there can h*lp me.
I am conducting research into justifications of free speech in the 
nineteenth century, and am particularly interested in Marx's writings 
on a free press. For example: his work on the Prussian censorship 
instructions of 1842/3 and beyond, ie, comments on the communards etc.
Can anyone please point me in the direction of any secondary 
literature that directly or indirectly covers Marx's advocation of 
a free press. I know that there is a lot of literature on Marx's 
'ethics,' and Marx's and 'justice' etc., but as yet I have found 
virtually nothing which focusses on Marx and free speech.
Any help would be appreciated.

J.Steel at
Department of Politics
University of Sheffield
John Steel
Department of Politics
University of Sheffield

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