Left Racism vs Million Man March

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Fri Oct 20 11:02:14 MDT 1995

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Are black Americans a "nation"? 
> So when white people aim to keep blacks away, it's bad, but when blacks aim
> to separate themselves from whites, it's good?

These are questions that can not be understood in terms of definitions, 
but, rather social and historical processes. Consider the history of the 
Left in this country in the 20th Century. Many Marxists held that 
proletarian struggles had primacy and all other forms of struggle should 
be subsumed under that struggle. This was a form of reductionism that 
failed to comprehend the historical relation of non-proletarian struggles 
and the significance of those struggles. In practice, it meant Marxists 
telling others in struggle that their struggles weren't as important and 
that such struggles divided the working class.

With the beginnings of the civil rights movement, radicals took varying 
positions on the significance of that struggle. Some effectively 
abstained from participation. Others supported such struggles under the 
general umbrella of supporting democratic demands for reform. Still 
others, influenced by Leninism, attempted to extend Lenin's 
"unconditional support for the right of self-determination by oppressed 
nations" to "Negroes." Consequently, this issue is more a political 
divide on the left, rather than a theoretical divide. 

If one believes that democratic struggles by African-Americans for 
self-determination are essential to the manner in which the Left can be 
re-built in this country, then one is led into offering a theoretical 
conception that "fits" this belief. I don't really have a problem with 
the concept of black nationalism since it means, in practice, that 
self-determination for African-Americans should be supported. I do not 
think that one can view White separatist movements in the same way that 
one views Black separatist movements. Again, one has to consider the 
social composition, historical origins, and trajectory of those 
movements. They are not the same.


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