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Jerry argues: "I don't really have a problem with the concept of black
nationalism since it means, in practice, that self-determination for
African-Americans should be supported". But the question then becomes what
has Black self-determination meant in practice. 

In a previous reply to Robert Perrone, I indicated several unhelpful and 
reactionary directions Black self-determination has and can take
(everything from entrepreneurial set-aside programs to an independent Black
Belt bantustan to support for mayors based solely on their color to calls
for a separate legal system operating in the ghetto to schools with a
special Afrocentric curriculum).  I don't think any of this should be

Louis now proclaims this about the NOI:"They have never attacked a single
socialist or black civil rights organization." I have since lost a article
in the San Francisco Examiner by the Stanford historian of SNCC Clayborne
Carson in which he documents the colloboration between the NOI and the Klan
in the intimidation of integrationists.  Carson wrote about this in a very
critical review of Spike Lee's romanticization of Malcolm X's life. 

I also understand that Manning Marable has documented abuses by the NOI,
but this documentation is not to be found in his How Capitalism
Underdeveloped Black America.  In his Nation articles about Farrakhan (1/21
and 1/28/91) Adolph Reed suggests that violent measures may have been taken
by Farrakhan's thugs to establish his supremacy within the Black Islamic
community as especially factions sympathetic to the late Malcolm X were
routed (Reed's expose of Farrakhan is helpful on several fronts).  Marable
does quote  Farrakhan's standard anti-woman fare; he has used the most
*violently* sexist language which creates an environment in which attacks
on women's reproductive freedom can be carried out. 

Now about Black fascism, I quote from Sy Landy in the Fall of 1984 from The
League for a Revolutionary Party (the Fourth International organization to
which Walter Daum belongs and of which I am not a member); Landy is
interested to show that how while Farrakhan is "not now a fascist, he will
be pushed that if way if tries to champion the 'black nation' in severely
worsening times". :

"The Zionists and leftists who denounce Farrakhan as a 'would-be-Hitler'
are missing a crucial point. Hitler's fascism arose out of the nationalism
of the dominant race; Farrakhan as a black man can only present the
reactionary impluses of the petty bourgeoisie of an oppressed race. [see my
post on bloodsuckers--rb]  There is an ironic precedent for this sort of
role: the Jewish Zionists in relation to Nazi Germany, and Farrakhan
already knows their history.  As he observed in his 'gutter religion'
speech, 'So Zionists made a deal with Hitler.  These are the same people
that condemn me for saying Hitler was a great man, but a wicked man.'

"It is true Zionists concluded a deal with the Nazis to get money out of
Europe to help build a Jewish state (on land where another people lived);
they broke an international boycott o fGerman goods to do this.  The
fascistic wing of Zionism also supplied Jewish police for the ghettoes,
collaborating with Nazi rule in East Europe. During the war, radical
right-wing Zionists tried to deal with Hiteler to undermine British
colonial rule in Palestine.  The other side of Zionist crime was to oppose
resistance and class struggle in Europe on the grounds that Jews  ought to
go to Palestine rather than fight at home.

"Of course, the Zionist never go the big deal they wanted with Hitler: an
agreement that Germany would be for the Germans and Paletine for the Jews. 
Just as capitalism of today neds to scapegoat black people as a threat to
the jobs of whites when the systemm plunges into crisis, so the Nazis used
the Jews as a different kind of devil.  The Jewish bankeer became
safety-valve emeny to release hatred of capitalism.  Those Jews today who
think they have achieved acceptance by getting America to view Arabs as
money-grubbing bankers (and worse) are in a for a rude awakening. American
capitalism will not hesitate to follow the Nazi eample when it feels the
need to substitute the symbol of Shylock for the reality of Uncle Sam.

"Extreme black nationalists, Farrakhan or others, will inevitably for
forced to try to deal with their oppressor as did the Zionists.  But when
capitalis, is deeplyin crisis, as it was then and will be again, oppressor
nationalism demands not the end of capitalism but destruction of another
nation.  In the coming crisis, blacks will face a holocaust too, even worse
than what their ancestors suffered on these shores.  When 'black Zionism'
seeks to strike a deal with imperialism, it will have as little success as
did its model."  

Quoted from The Democratic Party: Graveyard of Black Struggles by Sy Landy,
Published by the League for the Revolutionary Party, Socialist Voice
Publishing, Co. PO Box 3573, New York, New York, 10008-3573.  

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